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Get to know the solutions of Rayvarz

About us

Ryavarz CO

Ryavarz, as an agile organization, with a wide network of branches, agencies, specialized partner companies and other business partners, provides its integrated, safe, efficient and easy-to-use solutions, relying on superior experiences, standards and modern technology for small, medium and large businesses. It offers great. The ever-increasing growth of Rayvarz is the result of a long-term and strategic view of relations with customers and also the efforts of expert forces, who have ensured organizational effectiveness in the position of the company’s most valuable asset, along with the excellence of organizational culture. This company aims to become the best provider of ICT-based organizational improvement solutions in the domestic market and a prominent brand in related foreign target markets.

Warehouse assistant system

The warehouse assistant is connected online and through PDA, tablet or mobile phone with the comprehensive “stock control and warehouse accounting” system.

Dealership Management System

A set of integrated after-sales service systems in the field of supply, maintenance and supply of spare parts and providing repair services

New products based on modern technologies

The increasing diversity and growth of businesses with diverse and special features requires providing efficient software products based on modern technologies, design and production, and special solutions for each of them. A number of new products of Rayvarz which are based on the latest software development technologies with MDD (Model-Driven Development) approach.

Asset assistant system

The Rayvarz fixed asset assistant system has been developed based on barcode and RFID technology based on Android and Windows Mobile operating systems .


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Tel: +98 21 89326000

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